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Whereupon one found a home…


He shuffled along the sidewalk, palming the small ring of keys in his sweaty fist. He buried his nose into his wool scarf as a sharp west wind cut down the street. A gaggle of groans and giggles sounded behind him.

“Are we almost there yet? It’s bloody cold!” one of them whined.

The loudest one replied, “It will be worth it! I swear!”

He didn’t think so. The property had just been put on the market the day before and was nothing special in his book. It was something old: brick, arch-windowed and iron-gated, taking up valuable property in the limited downtown area. He had always been attracted to the sleek, silver features of the new age. This building could rot for all he cared, and it probably would even with the enthusiastic bunch trailing after him.

They stopped before the stone edifice which appeared more gloomy than imposing.

This is what you dragged us out here for?”

“Shush! I just know it’s what we need! Do you want to share that apartment forever?”

“I don’t mind it,” the whiner murmured.

“That’s because you hardly spend the night anymore,” a sarcastic comment cut through. Laughter erupted and he gritted his teeth at the antics of the young women.

He mounted the two large steps and thrust the key into the lock. He twisted it and shouldered the impressive oak door open.

“The building has been empty for the last couple of years. It was originally built for a printing press company, but was converted as living quarters some time in the 1920s.” He grumbled the sales pitch, then let out a loud ‘oof’ as he was forced against the wall as the group shoved their way in past him.

Soft heels clicked and sneakers scuffed loudly across the marble floor, echoing down the empty hall and into the home. A number of quiet gasps chased after the sound.

“Oh….oh…wow!” a voice he hadn’t heard before gasped. His eyes cut to the quiet one with the bright, knowing eyes.

“See?” the loudest spun around to face her, “What did I tell you? It’s home.”

….to be continued…