The Other Side


I could take you to places that’ll make you stand and just breathe in humanity–the wonderful stink of it– while the noise of life assaults your eager ears… whispering, singing, shouting, blaring “I’m here… I’m alive and uncertain, but dammit, I am HERE”

And I could show you places everywhere that show our greatest fear… names of long-gone lovers carved into living wood, paintings in caves, dead, white coral arranged amongst black lava rock… all of it saying “We matter… right?”

And I’ll take your hand and lead you to places where, but for the path we tread, we might not exist at all, and another kind of life come buzzing and whistling in… the kind that crashes through underbrush and nestles into warm burrows for winter, that sings from treetops that we’d never dare climb and taunts us with bright flashy feathers, that follows silently through close, dark forests, only visible by a glow of the eyes. 

Sometimes we forget to look up. We forget that we’re small.




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