Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Other Side


I could take you to places that’ll make you stand and just breathe in humanity–the wonderful stink of it– while the noise of life assaults your eager ears… whispering, singing, shouting, blaring “I’m here… I’m alive and uncertain, but dammit, I am HERE”

And I could show you places everywhere that show our greatest fear… names of long-gone lovers carved into living wood, paintings in caves, dead, white coral arranged amongst black lava rock… all of it saying “We matter… right?”

And I’ll take your hand and lead you to places where, but for the path we tread, we might not exist at all, and another kind of life come buzzing and whistling in… the kind that crashes through underbrush and nestles into warm burrows for winter, that sings from treetops that we’d never dare climb and taunts us with bright flashy feathers, that follows silently through close, dark forests, only visible by a glow of the eyes. 

Sometimes we forget to look up. We forget that we’re small.




Nighttime Ponderings of a Traveling Wife


Why do some people travel and some stay at home? 

It’s not cowardice that makes them stay; it can’t be, not when my absolute terror of being boxed-in and chained down to one place, one way of thinking, keeps me running on and on and on… no. It’s not that simple.

I was told once that I was like the missing piece… you know, from the children’s story? Searching ever and on, trying to find a place where I fit, not realizing that I can decide to stay, decide to just stay and be… me. Eventually the edges wore down, and the missing piece was whole… how rough are my edges? How long do I roll until I’m worn into something stable? Not missing, not lost, just… me.  

This seemingly endless journey is a good one, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but sometimes my soul gets weary, and I long for the home I was never convinced that I had, or deserved, and eventually decided I didn’t need. But I do. I really do. And maybe that’s why they stay… they already know, and I’m still learning.


Wifely Updates


It has been a while world and so we bring you some updates on what the wives have been discussing.
The Many Wives have convened and decided that these things are necessary to the survival of the planet:
Benedict Cumberbatch, Ben Whishaw, and David Tennant. Do the wives have an obsession with them of the United Kingdom? Apparently we do.
We also like the idea of combining dark chocolate pudding with salted caramel pudding and topping it all off with rum-whipped cream. We are pretty fabulous.
Two of the wives are collaborating on some songs. They will be amazing. We are obvious songwriting pros and things are going peachily.
Some of the wives are writers (many of the wives….) and so there is much writing going on. Magicians, James Bond, Poems, Zombies, World Revolutions! EXCITEMENT!
The wives are planning a trip abroad. This may take awhile but there will be some nerddom.
If Neil Gaiman reads this for some strange reason then know that the Wives think you possess the secrets to the universe. Seriously.
We discussed pie versus cake. Battles may be fought over this issue.
Follow the Wives for more updates as sparklingly awesome as this. Til next time.
—Head Wife